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Welcome to John Selby's 'awareness management' training course.

Awareness Training Makes The Difference ...

"John Selby's landmark new awareness-management techniques
are transforming the inner game of business."

Now you can master all four dimensions of Selby's method
through puchasing this remarkable online course.

This course covers all the material included in John's four new books:
Take Charge Of Your Mind; Listening With Empathy;
The Conscious Capitalist;
and Executive Genius.

... Sound perfect for you?

Micro-manage your thoughts...

shift from victim to victor in your mood swings -

and use 'awareness-plus' technology
to boost creativity, charisma and empathy

Relax as John guides you effortlessly through ...

* 16 four-minute AUDIO EXPERIENCES - plus ...


Stay 'in the zone' at work by employing Selby's essential ...


Learn how to quickly throw off all your stress,
take a good deep breath and regain your inner center -
and shift into a more creative, friendly, focused mood.

... Master a new cogntive process called 'focus phrase technology'
in which you use key elicitor statements
to re-aim your focus of attention
toward the exact mood and mental function
required to succeed at optimum levels.

Tap your true genius at work ...
...master the Selby method!

We guarantee this course will be the most enjoyable and rewarding
business training you have ever experienced, or your money back 100%!

  • TAKE CHARGE ~ Course Contents

    There are 16 primary classes in this online course.

    Each class offers video, audio and written instruction .

    You can move through one class in 10 to 15 minutes.
    In 2 -3 weeks, you will master the process.

    • The first 4 classes ... teach the basic 'moment of clarity' method.,.

      The next 4 classes ... teach the core 'mood mangement' process

      The next 4 classes ... teach our 'executive genius' program.

      The final 4 classes ... teach the 'listening with empathy' process.


      Stay 'in the zone' all day at work!

    You do have the inner power to quickly 'access the zone' at work - transcend low moods and worries - and shift your performance
    toward more focused, friendly and creative modalities.


    ~ Meet The Creator of This Course ~

      This new success method has been developed by John Selby
      and his associates during the last two decades.

      John has done mind research at NIH, the New Jersey Bureau of Research in Neurology and Psychiatry and elsewhere, and pioneered the use of awareness management in the workplace.

      He was CEO of The BrightMind Network, and currently runs both Consciousness Management Systems.and Advanced Leisure Systems.

      John is the author of over twenty books including ... Take Charge Of Your Mind, Listening With Empathy, The Conscious Capitalist, Quiet Your Mind ... and his forth-coming Executive Genius.

      John will guide you through all 10 video programs in this course.

      Video 1 (6 minutes) ~ Moment of Clarity

      Video 2 (6 minutes) ~ Mood Shift

      Video 3 (6 minutes) ~ Insight & Wisdom

      Video 4 (6 minutes) ~ Courage & Intent

      Video 5 (1 minute) ~ Quick-Relax

      Video 6 (2 minutes) ~ Refresher

      Video 7 (3 minutes) ~ Rejuvenater

      Video 8 (6 minutes) ~ Insight Boost

      Video 9 (6 minutes) ~ Wise Decision

      Video 10 (6 minutes) ~ Rapid Stress Relief

      Enjoy this video sample:

      'Mood Shift' - Video 2

      ~~~~~~~~FOUR UNITS OF TRAINING ~~~~~~~~~

      Unit 1: THE "Moment Of Clarity" PROCESS:

      The first four classes of the Selby Method are referred to as the' Wake Up' process or the "Moment Of Clarity". In these beginning steps you'll learn how to take charge of your power of attention and aim it in four present-moment directions that generate a sudden expansion of clarity, empathy and wholebody charisma.

      As you quiet upset thoughts and imaginations
      and regain your presence in the here and now,
      you will boost confidence, compassion,
      power and pleasure -
      key ingredients of success.

      Unit 2: MOOD MANAGEMENT:

      The next four classes offer a new approach for taking charge of
      your emotions at work, and shifting your moods in positive directions.
      No longer will you feel a victim of your mood swings - you can
      instead learn now to focus your all-powerful attention
      toward the mood you prefer, and then expand that mood!

      Not only will you bond with customers and clients
      and co-workers more effectively,
      you'll give yourself permission to shift
      into good feelings ... and enjoy your work.


      Once you've moved through the first 2 steps outlined above
      (this takes 1-2 minutes) you're ready to tap positive powers.
      Regardless of your position in your company, the decisions
      you make count, and your ability to be creative in problem solving,
      to lead with confidence, and broadcast integrity and wisdom
      in your actions is important. In these next four classes (9-12)
      you'll learn how to expand your awareness so that you ...

      ...tune into intuitive flashes of creative insight
      become grounded in your deeper source of wisdom
      feel empowered to make clear decisions...
      and act confidently on those decisions!


      In every business, satisfying your customer is most important, especially in sales and service encounters. Based on John's book "Listening With Empathy," this final Unit (13-16) shows you how
      to integrate the first 3 Units into a focused program
      specific to the sales-service encounter.

    • This 4-step process can make all the difference
      between winning and losing a client or customer!

    One: Prepare for the encounter using John's unique method

    Two: Finesse the 'moment of encounter' with your customer.

    Three: Listen with empathy - and satisfy your customer!

    Four: Reflect afterwards - and establish long-term connection.


    ... Learn to stay in the zone and win!